Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flash and Trash - Part XXIV


It is done and photographed!  First, front and back:

Now for the fun shots: 

My son did the photography for this one and he's getting better.  The children have been doing this for about four years or so, and it is much easier because they know what mom wants!

As you can probably tell, those cups are a bit big.  They're meant to be that way!  The reason they're large is that part of Cathy Frank's runway act at quilt shows is to wear a lime green bra over her regular clothes and then pull out fat quarters and spools of thread as give away prizes to throw into the audience.  So, I've copied the idea.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the outfit.  It is certainly not meant to be worn every day and it is a bit costumey, but it captures exactly the fun and exuberant spirit of the woman who inspired it.  She will get the outfit mailed to her eventually, she's already seen it and loved it.  It was fun to make and even with the little bit of trouble of the dye color the hook and eye closure it really was one of my easier projects!

Parting Shot:  In the Sun.  Pix is enjoying the sunshine taking up one whole window sill for herself.  Oh to be a cat!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flash and Trash - Part XXIII

Skirt Finishing

The skirt really only needed the lining inserted and the final finishing done, so that's what I've done.  The top edge is finished with a piping/binding like the armholes of the vest.  Included along with that is a small tab and snap at the top of zipper.

All the hems are now done and the lining has been pressed and stitched in place at the edge of the godet, too.

I've also added the label.  This means that the ensemble is pretty much finished!  I should be able to do a photo shoot and final post either this weekend or on Monday.

Parting Shot:  Apple Blossoms.  All of our trees now have leaves and our small apple tree even has some blossoms on it.  It is too small to actually produce edible apples, but it is nice to see some signs of life!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Flash and Trash - Part XXII

Skirt Assembly

Well it has been a while since a post on this project and since then the skirt assembly has been finished.  The back panels have all been inserted and I've added the zipper as well.  Here you can see that I've attached the quilted inserts and then stitched the center back seam:

Then I added the velvet godet to the back, which from the wrong side looks like this.  The godet was completely finished and lined before inserting it.

It took me a while to actually find the zipper itself.  I knew I had a green one, and since I'm trying not to spend any money on this project and use what I have, I had to find it!  It wasn't with the rest of my test zippers - zippers that go into muslins and then are ripped out to use for the next one.  It wasn't with two other muslins that I've saved because they are good patterns that I can remake some day.  I finally found it with a muslin I had neglected to take apart - and the muslin that I reused to make my jacket muslin.  Double recycling going on there! 

With the zipper found, I was able to install it.  Hand picking a zipper actually is not that hard, and if you search my blog, you'll find I've already done several posts on the topic.  Here is a close-up of the zipper install.  After basting the center back seam shut, and the zipper in place on both sides, I use clear tape to mark the distance from the center back seam that the stitching needs to be, and then I've marked the tape in even increments so that I know where to place each stitch.

So far the back of the skirt looks like this:

Now I need to get the lining made and all the finishing done, not much longer and this one will be done, probably next week some time.

Parting Shot:  Tree.  Yesterday I helped decorate for a graduation banquet at the school my children attend, the decorating theme was a luxe mountain lodge, complete with trees, large fireplace, mounted game heads, etc.  Although it doesn't sound like a typical senior event theme, it turned out really gorgeous.  One of my jobs was to hot glue hundreds of tissue paper leaves to this tree to make an aspen tree.  At least I didn't have to make the moss balls from fresh moss!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Flash and Trash - Part XXI

A Skirt

Last but not least in this ensemble is a skirt.  Originally, I wasn't going to make a companion piece, but since I had enough left over fabrics and thought I had enough other stuff so that I wouldn't have to spend any extra money, it became a good idea.

Because the vest is a lot of look by itself, I don't need the skirt to compete, just to compliment.  For that reason, I've chosen a simple skirt pattern, one that I know fits and does not have a lot of details.  It is the skirt from the Wedding Suit I made last summer to attend my brother's wedding.  Vintage, very simple and easy to make.

I did add some details to it to tie the skirt and vest together.  The main skirt is made of the moire taffeta that lines the vest.  Because of the smaller pieces of fabric that I was working with, this was the best choice.  I had a piece of green satin for the lining and decided to do accents with the green silk and dyed velvet.  To accent the skirt, I traced off the back pieces and decided to add some inserts on the diagonal at center back.  The smallest one, which is more like a godet, will be made of velvet, since that is fabric I have the least of at this point - just good sized scraps at best.  Then there will be a strip of free motion quilted silk to match the cups on the vest, and the rest will be the moire taffeta.

Drafting it up wasn't hard, and once cut apart, I could use the pieces for cutting out the fabric pieces.

Because this post has been delayed a bit by spring break, I've already been able to complete the quilting.  The pattern pieces came in handy for trimming down the quilted sections:

Now, to actually get it assembled and finished!

Parting Shot:  Flowers.  My son brought home flowers today from school for Mother's Day that he and his classmates planted after decorating the pots.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Flash and Trash -  Part XX

The Last Touches for the Hat

In order to finish up the hat, I needed to bind the edges.  I chose to use the green silk dupioni as it is so nice to work with on the bias.  The bias is hand stitched to both the back and the front of the hat:

The hat also needed an elastic band so that it can be worn.  This was easy to make from black elastic cord and is just stitched in place near the edge.

Nothing is complete without a label, so I added one of those, too:

Now I have a hat:

I'm really happy with it and it wasn't hard at all to make!  It didn't cost anything, either.  I had all the supplies.  Now, I've got to do something about a skirt and then this ensemble will be done.  I think if I am creative, I can make a matching skirt for no extra money, too.

Parting Shot:  Not Listening.  As you can see, talking to Wellie has no effect.  He is going to sit on the fabric whether you want him to or not, which makes it hard to cut out my next project!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Flash and Trash - Part XIX

Working on the Hat

We've had a great spring break, and now it is time to get back to work on F&T and all the other spring/summer stuff I've got planned!  I've been working on the hat, so I'll show you the steps so far.

First the lining is basted to the buckram form, which I had shown about a week ago.  I machine basted it.

Next, the wire edge is attached to the now lined hat piece.  This is done by hand by whipstitching the wire to the form.  I overlapped the wired ends and stitched them securely, since I didn't have a joiner to join the ends of the wire.

 Next, the outer covering of the hat is added.  This is the top of the hat, or the side you would see when it is being worn.  The flowers have already been added and embellished.  I wouldn't be able to do that after assembling the hat.

This outer fabric is attached by hand to the lined and wired edged form with running stitches.  It takes a little patience because it must be smoothed to fit without any wrinkles or darts.  The piece is cut on the bias, which definitely helps. 

Next up:  Just covering up that edge and a few other touches and the hat is done!

Parting Shot:  Easter Dress!  Well, here, she is!  It seems like Easter was a long time ago, although it was just last week.