Thursday, December 09, 2010

More About Vogue 1590, YSL, Somewhere in the 70's

This morning, amongst other things that I had to do, I tackled working on pressing and refolding all the pattern pieces from Vogue 1590. I know, it sounds insane, but you see, I have to be able to mail this pattern internationally and it needs to fit in a flat rate mailer.  In the state I received it (about 3" thick), this wasn't going to happen. 

All the pieces had been unfolded at some point and then never neatly folded back.  I did discover that someone had made the coat or jacket, as all those pieces were cut out.  By carefully ironing and refolding, I did manage to get the pattern into a much flatter state and into the mailer:

Along the way, I found an advertisement from Vogue, for the Vogue Sewing Book.  Since the pattern pieces were rather large there was a lot of empty space, just waiting for Vogue to place an extra advertisement on.  Does anyone know what year this version of the Vogue Sewing Book was published? (I still need to do some digging on the internet for this date.)  It might give us a clue as to when this pattern was published.  At this point in time, Vogue did not put copyright dates on the envelopes, patterns or instruction sheets, so it is hard to date these patterns.  If you happen to have photos of the models that were shown on the runway for the designer for a particular season, you might be able to get a close date on the pattern. Otherwise, you might get lucky and find a receipt in the envelope or some hand written notes.

Here's a really cool dart on the front bodice of the underdress.  I think I've seen this sort of dart before in vintage patterns, although I just can't remember where. 

Here's a good comparison as to the size of some of these pattern pieces.  Below, on the right is the pattern I use for my circle skirts;  it is cut two times on the fold, so right now you're only seeing one quarter of the whole skirt.  The piece on the left is the sleeve piece for the jacket.  Just the sleeve.  This pattern is a size 6, the smallest drafted for this particular pattern.  You can imagine how big the rest of the pieces are!

Now, as you can see I did pull out the circle skirt pattern.  That means I'm going to be using it.   I am going to buy the red stretch velvet tomorrow for the Christmas dress and make the Burda turtle dress with the circle skirt in the red ponte.  I like Vicki's idea of black jewelry, and Ann is right - no gold jewelry!  I think I'll wear black tights and the black shiny heels, too.

Parting Shot:  Done.  Yes, I did finish the white shirt today, but it still needs a good pressing.  Final review of the year long project tomorrow!