Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Spring's First Blush - Final Post


Here is it, I think it is soft, feminine and says , "Spring". I'm very happy with how this turned out. I tried to keep it simple and elegant without going too crazy with the embellishments or color combination.

Here's how the piece looks from the back when worn:

Close up of the back and label:

Close up of beading and quilting:

Here it is being worn by my daughter:

While it isn't my usual color palette, I think it is pretty. My artistic adventures don't always reflect my taste in every day apparel and that's part of the fun of making something artistic - to explore colors and styles that I normally wouldn't!

Tomorrow: what I've also been doing this week.

Parting Shot: Helper. My son loves to help cook dinner every night. We work well together in the kitchen and he's getting pretty good at reading recipes and knowing what ingredients to get if we're not using a recipe.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Spring's First Blush - Part VI

One Last Embellishment

This necklace is almost complete, but it still needs one more embellishment to complete the far right section and complement the far left section. Of course, that last embellishment would be a few flowers and button centers.

It took a while to find the right combination of fabrics for the flowers - I have quite a few shades of pink and ivory in solids and organza in my collection, but finding what would look just right took a while. It is one of those things that when you see the right thing you know it. There is no magic formula other than that.

Finding a way to embellish the quilted flowers took quite a bit of trial and error, too. Here you can see that I've placed beads on pins to simulate their final placement to see if I like the look. Which, I didn't, by the way.

Finding the right color and bead combinations for the flowers can make a mess!

After quite a few tries, I finally found something that would work:

Those flowers are light and sheer, one layer of ivory organza and one layer of pink organza. They are my usual synthetic fabric flowers, cut out using a wood burning tool and metal templates that I make myself. The glass buttons are the finishing touch.

Next: I'll show you the finished necklace. If you're not sure as to what a bib necklace is, they are a recently trendy item, here's one example of several choices from Anthropologie, and Simplicity also has directions for making this one and several other styles on their website.

Parting Shot: Watch Out! I don't think Kiwi realizes the danger that lurks inside the cover stitch machine cover.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Spring's First Blush - Part V


Thank you all for the opinions on my red sweatshirt. There were basically two opinions and the moment, it is 4" shorter than the longest length, which make it a tunic proportional to my size. If I decide I don't like it, then I'll hem it up to the shortest length, which was also a popular choice. Just answer a quick question, the fabric came from Paron's Annex in NYC.

No art project of mine is complete without beading of some sort, so I had to add some to this piece. I didn't want an encrusted piece, nor did I want to overwhelm the delicate color, the small size of the piece or the quilting, so I had to chose carefully.

I think the picture below shows everything I did in way of bead work for this piece. Yes, this is all I did! First, I accented the gold lines with a lined of spaced gold beads. Simple, but gives the dividing lines some definition. Then I accented the middle section of quilting with matching beads at the intersections. You can also see the beaded trim of the whole piece more clearly in this picture than in the previous ones. I've used cream and gold beads for the trim to tie it into the cream and gold organza ribbon used for the ties.

That's it, really, there is no other beading on the whole project, I promise!

Next: One more small embellishment and then the finished project!

Parting Shot: Christmas Garbage Truck. At least that's what my son called it, when it came by last week. I supposed trash pick up isn't boring when you've got a cool, red, green and yellow garbage truck to ride around in.