Friday, March 28, 2008

Midnight Garden - Blouse - Part IV

The Redo

Surprise! I bet you weren't expecting Midnight Garden to show up in the title! Why am I working on MG again? Let me tell you, the blouse was not quite right. There were some strange wrinkles in the armhole area, like the sleeve wasn't set in or pressed quite right. Then there was something wrong with the hem - the fashion fabric was longer than the lining and that led to some strange folds at the bottom. So what did I do this week, as soon as I got it back from the most recent charity fashion show?

I took out the sleeves, made new ones and put them in. I wanted to make sure that the sleeves were cut accurately for the armholes and I wanted to set the sleeves in differently. First, I stitched the sleeves right sides together at the hem, then turned and pressed. I then had a sleeve unit which I stitched into the armhole. I stitched the sleeve unit to the fashion fabric armhole only. Once the seam was pressed toward the body of the blouse, I turned under and slip stitched the lining over the seam to finish the inside of the blouse. Once all that was done, I prick stitched the hem and put the beads back on. You can see the new sleeve in the photo below:

I also took out the bottom hem completely, pressed the garment well, trimmed the excess fashion fabric and restitched the hem, including the prick stitching.

This is not want I wanted to do this week. Sometimes you do what needs to be done, not what you want to be done. The first version of the blouse was not my best work - it was hurried work - and it showed if you inspected it closely. In pictures and on a person the blouse wasn't that bad and I'm sure that people who don't sew might not even notice. I wasn't happy with it and knew it needed some work, so I fixed it. This time, I took my time and am much happier with this second version.

It still needs a good pressing on the side with the button opening in the photo below, but with the pressing it looks like the other side. Believe me, I've done the pressing and the blouse in the box, ready to send with the suit to Paducah, KY for the AQS show in April and looks much better.

The next time I see this garment will be in four weeks and I'll be wearing it in the fashion show!

Parting Shot: It's Back. Yes, that's fresh snow. We're supposed to get another 4 to 8" today. Just when the snow was starting to melt and we could actually see a bit of the front yard, there's more.