Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas Outfit #13 - McCall's 6396

Almost Done

This jumper is almost done, but not quite.  At this point, I still need to finish the armholes, and then do all the interior hand finishing, along with adding a hook and eye.  Between tonight and tomorrow that will get done. 

Due to the way I inserted the zipper, I could not finish the jumper's armholes the way the instructions indicated.  That's fine - I'm just as happy finishing them with a binding.

The skirt seems to be long enough.  Along with tights or leggings, she'll be fine. 

Maybe tomorrow I'll be done with this one!

Parting Shot:  Hiding.  Wellie is hiding under the tree because he knows he's in trouble for chewing on the Christmas tree and knocking off ornaments.  He doesn't think we can chase him back there.


Bunny said...

I can so remember our kitties just loving the holidays, chasing the ornaments they knocked off, at least the ones that didn't break, and altogether determining how we decorated the tree. We learned to have a "kitty tree", one that didn't have valuable or potentially dangerous ornaments and lights at the bottom.

JustGail said...

At least he's not hiding IN the tree - yet. Our big moose of a cat likes to lay on the bottom branches.

Schmoomom said...

*ginger paw waves at you*

This is NOT the cat you're looking for...move along.

My cat sits there with a tree branch in his mouth like he's forgotten what he's doing with it.