Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Outfit #13 - McCall's 6396

A Lining, Zipper and Skirt

I got the lining, zipper and skirt done today.  Now I just need to put them all together!

The lining is exactly like the bodice and not hard to make.  What is hard to making it in reverse so that the bodice and lining match when the skirt is attached.  Be very careful when assembling the lining!  Because every piece is unique and the right side of lining is against the body, you will have to be very careful to assemble the lining in the correct order. 

The zipper was pretty easy to install, other than the matching of the plaids.  It took some basting and trial to get it just right before committing to stitching the zipper in permanently. 

The skirt is not hard at all to make, even though it looks unusual.  It is ready and waiting to be attached.

Looks like I might finish this one up in the next couple of days - hopefully by Friday!

Parting Shot:  Christmas Tree.  This is this year's version of our Christmas tree.  Each year we decorate a little differently.  We put the lights and garland along the window this year instead along the banister, just for fun and got rid of a lot of dangling ribbons, which were just temptations for Wellie.  I need to find those white extension cords, too, the lights look sloppy in the photo!


Laura SJ said...

Can you tell yet--will the skirt be long enough? Can't wait to see it on your big girl!

Kristine said...

i have this pattern and the fabric ready to go... but, I am so nervous about the length! eager to see how your turns out!

Anonymous said...

The jumper is going to be cute! If it isn't long enough, could you make a mitered border out of a contrasting fabric?

P.S. I just finished a second version of your bucket bag for my sister-in-law's b-day gift, and she loved it! Thanks for the great pattern. :-)

Tany said...

I was wondering how your cats react to the Christmas tree, lol! In my case, Kiko doesn't leave the tree alone... He takes every chance he gets to mess up with the ornaments!